USCGDocument Conversion

M-Cubed provided the Office of Civilian Personnel of the U.S. Coast Guard with fully searchable media containing a digitalized version of their Civilian Personnel Pay Records.

SharePoint Migration

The USCG had implemented a paperless admissions process for all incoming classes using Alchemy as the document repository technology. They wanted the 437,000 Alchemy files they had reposed migrated to a more efficient SharePoint environment.

Index and OCR

The USCG asked that we index digital data to facilitate rapid retrival. The materials were catalogued using a master taxonomy provided by the USCG. The PDFs were processed with the Capture Perfect 3.0 OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tool so they could later be searched.

High Performance Hardware

M-Cubed fashioned its designated scanning resources with Canon DR-7580s which handle 150 pages per minute in duplex mode with a 500 page capacity automatic document feeder.

M-Cubed provided comprehensive document scanning, conversion and indexing support services to the Office of Civilian Personnel of the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) at its corporate facility. M-Cubed furnished all of the necessary equipment, hardware, software, services, qualified personnel, and material as needed to perform the requirements of the Statement of Work. We ensured the Coast Guard Civilian Personnel Pay Records were scanned and converted from paper to digital format – producing fully searchable DVD-ROM media. M-Cubed scanned each document and created PDF files tagged for easy retrieval. M-Cubed was also responsible for the pick-up of hard copy records from Coast Guard Headquarters. For document transport, we standardized on the use of Fedex’s Custom Critical service which allocated two drivers with SECRET clearance and at least one driver protecting the documents thus ensuring the documents were never compromised. As this task order was highly PII sensitive and CONFIDENTIAL, we cannot show you the finished product. We can, however, share with you some information about similar services that we provide: