STARFinancial Management

The STAR System Support Division is responsible for enhancing, maintaining and testing STAR, an information technology system designed to manage the budget execution process.

The Department of the Treasury Financial Management Service (FMS) serves as the United States federal government’s financial manager. The FMS mission includes the following: provide payments for a large portion of executive agencies, operate the federal government’s collection and deposit systems, provide governmentwide accounting and reporting, and manage the collection of delinquent debt. To fulfill its mission, FMS is responsible for: oversight of a cash flow in excess of one trillion dollars, administration of domestic and international trust and deposit fund accounts, investment management and accounting services, oversight of the federal government’s credit management and debt collection procedures, and the issuance, tracking and reconciliation of over 750 million annual payments to individuals, institutions, and corporations.

FMS uses STAR, an accounting and reporting system that integrates data from financial institutions (FIs) via CA$HLINK, the Online Payment and Collection System (OPAC) and the Regional Finance Centers (RFCs). FMS uses data from STAR to compare reported agency receipts and disbursements to amounts reported by depositories; discrepancies between agency reports and data from banks, RFCs and the OPAC system are then reported. This task order was highly CONFIDENTIAL so we cannot show you the finished product. We can, however, share with you some information about similar services that we provide: