JFICSFinancial Management

The Judgment Fund was established to pay court judgments and Justice Department compromise settlements of actual or imminent lawsuits against the United States.

M-Cubed was tasked by the Bureau of the Fiscal Service to identify process improvements and system changes to the JFICS system that would improve system efficiencies and enhance capacities to serve a larger external claims submission need. Today only 30% of the possible claims submissions are processed through the JFICS online process. The remaining claims are submitted through the Esker Fax server or through the mail, and are processed by in-house staff. Application security is currently built upon a PKI and Secure ID platform. However work is being done to convert to the use of PIV credentials.

A critical requirement today is to reduce the amount of time that is required to process a claim which currently takes between eight and twelve weeks. The Judgment Fund Branch requires the expertise of a partner that can identify business process improvements, additional ways of automating processes and strategies to reduce resource requirements while increasing system capacity.