FMSFinancial Management

The Financial Management Service function operates a nationwide secure network with a number of different server platforms to support the numerous underlying financial management applications at FMS. This entire infrastructure is called the FMS Enterprise Infrastructure.

The Financial Management Service (FMS), United States Treasury Department, serves as the Federal Government’s central financial manager supplying operational services for the Treasury Department, for Civilian Departments, and Agencies of the Government and for other selected federal organizations. On an annual basis, FMS has responsibility for financial operations that include generating over 892 million payments, processing approximately 2 million claims against those payments, reconciling approximately 266 million checks, overseeing more than $900 billion in collections, processing over 2.5 million accounting transactions, managing over 100 revolving and trust funds and managing a daily cash flow that averages $7 billion. The major business functions include payment of civilian salaries, payments to retirees under various programs such as the Railroad Retirement Board, the Social Security Administration, and the Veteran’s Administration, payments to vendors, collection of funds owed the Government and maintaining records on Agency funding status and the U.S. Treasury’s cash balances. In performing these functions, FMS acts as agent for over 800 other Federal Program agencies, who are FMS’ primary customers.

M-Cubed provides support for Mainframe Application Systems including applications programming support and technical expertise to include GWA software, CARS, CIA, TCIS/CP&R and other IBM mainframe tasks. The M-Cubed support team is also providing application programming and related tasks, implementation and maintenance of new/revised processes, and special analyses and studies.