Deployed using M-Cubed’s signature Victim Web® service, this portal was designed around the Office of the Staff Advocate’s need to create a user-friendly interface to propogate the proceedings of the Major Nidal Hassan trial to its stake holders.

Front-End Authoring

We’ve created a lightweight Front-End Authoring module that allows administrators with basic to intermediate word processing skills to create new content without ever accessing the back-end.

Internet Explorer 7 Support

To accomodate the high number of FDCC (Federal Desktop Core Configuration) workstations this project was to support, we adjusted the portal to run on versions of Internet Explorer as old as v7.0.

User Access Levels

We created User Access Levels to manage the various types of information that end-users would be able to access on the website as per Fort Hood’s request.

Major Nidal M. Hasan, a psychiatrist stationed at Fort Hood, was charged with thirteen counts of premeditated murder and thirty-two counts of attempted premeditated murder. The United States Army was in need of a solution to provide a secure way for Staff Judge Advocate (SJA) and Department of Justice (DOJ) personnel to release information to the families and victims involved in the trial of United States vs. MAJ Nidal Hasan.

In addition to creating a website that was Internet Explorer 7+ compatible, M-Cubed set out to design a website that was cross-platform friendly. We designed the go-live features of the Victims Information Website and architected the platform for immediate growth post-launch to accomodate the continued stream of media updates from the Fort Hood Press Center and the court room.