DMSSecured Infrastructure

The Defense Messaging System (DMS) is a deployment of secure electronic mail and directory services intended to replace the legacy Automatic Digital Network (AUTODIN).

M-Cubed was responsible for providing administrative and engineering support for Fort Detrick backbone network system components to include TDF Firewalls, Domain Name Servers (DNSs), CISCO routers, switches, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDSs), LINUX logging servers, and NIPRNET/SIPRNET connectivity. The backbone network components fully support the DISA 99.9% reliability management threshold for organizational messaging. The system administration was to include product implementation, application of required software updates, completion of site specific component configuration modifications, completion of component back-ups, component hardening against security risks, and a maintained network topology and device configuration documentation. M-Cubed provided 24/7 on-site and remote network technical support for the task order.

HP has developed a set of tools used by DMS for message tracking, system status, and other functions. We are tasked with expanding the toolset to provide additional functionality, and to maintain the security posture of the existing application. The system is built on Open Source; Web-based technologies such as Java, JavaScript, Tomcat and PostgreSQL. The system makes extensive use of XML in a TCP/IP agent-based intranet system. This task order was highly CONFIDENTIAL so we cannot show you the finished product. We can, however, share with you some information about similar services that we provide: