DADS II Business Analytics

The DADS II system helps to analyze over 20 terabytes of information from roughly 150 million households and 300 million people.

Installation, Configuration and Tuning

M-Cubed participated in the installation of 2 IBM p-570 servers with “Capacity on Demand” and logical partitioning (LPAR) services; and 20 terabytes of SAN storage; and 8 IBM LS41 4-way dual-core servers each with 32 GB of memory.

Data Migration and Integration

DADS II has a repository of 20 terabytes of data products and extracts comprised in a variety of formats. M-Cubed was involved in the design, development and implementation of the extract, transformation and load (ETL) processes, programs and scripts.

Backend and Functional Components

M-Cubed has designed DADS II using an asynchronous communications model; we implemented data exchange requirements using IBM Websphere MQ which is an asynchronous messaging product that supports XML message formats.

DADS II was a large-scale undertaking. The DADS II System is intended to help analyze information from roughly 150 million households and 300 million people. The system aggregates ten to twenty thousand cells of data are from roughly 10 million geographic entities. The data is used for the dissemination of data and data products for the 2010 Decennial Census. DADS II was a CMMI® Level 3 certified project.

All DADS II components were built using a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) framework and XML interfaces. The application is developed using the SPRING and STRUTS frameworks, portlets and HIBERNATE for session persistence with application deployment on a Websphere Application Server (WAS). The source control, provided by Rational ClearCase and Rational ClearQuest, was used to develop features like the bug tracking system.